Thursday, 30 August 2007

The big knit

Innocent is asking once again for gazillion little wooly hats for their bottles...50p per ornate bottle will go to Age Concern. (one day i will remember the cut formula)

Come on, knit a hat with your know you want to... (and make sure to send them BEFORE 22nd October!)

Monday, 20 August 2007

Finally some yarn pics

Looks like kidsilk haze to if that's the case I bagged myself in the region of 800m of gorgeous lace weight for...£1.00
K's comment :"you b#tch"...who needs enemies with friends like these!

Pictures from phone, so not brilliant, but the pen shows thread size.

And I still have to unearth my lace knitting book to find a project worthy of such a pretty pretty yarn. Any idea?

Edible robot: make your own

too many cucumbers, too much time on your hands? That's enough to make you give knitting a rest!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

A pair of aces...

The idea was that since my friend is going to spend 100% of her time playing poker and getting paid for it I would make her a relevant leaving present, because nothing says 'i will miss you' like a 100g of handknit lambswool in the middle of August!

So I decided on a modified version of Debbie Bliss Flip Top mittens with commuter pocket on top, embroidered so as to look like aces of hearts.

I made the mittens (Penguin light grey, about 75g, 4mm needles) and the pattern is actually worked flat!

The pockets were knitted from Lana Grossa pale pink Numero Uno (16 st, worked for...well long enough for a credit card) and the hearts from the same yarn in Shocking Pink.

The hearts were knitted as follow before securing using blanket stitch (which does hide a multitude of sins):
-the heart is knitted side-ways in garter st-
CO 3
K to end
KFB, K1, KFB (5st)
(K to last st, KFB
KFB, K to end) repeat until you have -about- 11st (adjust to taste)
K2tog, K to last st, KFB
K to end
KFB, K to last 2 st, K2tog
(K2tog, K to end
K to last 2 st, K2tog) until 5 st remain
K2tog, K1, K2tog (3st)
Bind off leaving a VERY long tail for the blanket stitching...

The A's in top left and bottom right of each pocket were embroidered using the same dark pink yarn.

Pockets were sewn on using matress st, for that lovely neat finish.


(forgive the fuzzy camera-phone pictures)

The recipient was very pleased with them...I will have to keep that pattern in mind for further leaving presies.

Next on the list: to finish 2 cardigans (and a sweater), and to whip up some baby booties before next week...2 pairs for a mum-of-twins-to-be!