Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Rise of the (knitting) heretics...

There is a great thread going on over at the Knitter's Review forums about knitting heresy. I couldn't resist posting my confessional thoughts here. . . (join in...you know you want to!)

1. I don't like sock clubs. Actually...I don't really like knitting socks (only finished one pair so far).
2. I do like cheap and cheerful yarn, and I am not a yarn snob. I believe the project, the stitch is more important...in fact I get really irritated by yarn snobs who turn luxurious yarn into boring garter stitch scarves...be more adventurous people!
3. I have been known to take the dust cover off of my books.
4. I join yarn where ever it ends in my knitting, not 'at the end of the row'...and I KNOT. It's my knitting and I'll knot if I want to!
5. I don't really enjoy the Yarn Harlot's blog, but I LOVE Crazy Aunt Purl....
6. I own fun fur but would not impose a scarf made of it on any one....makes great toy hair though!
7. I hate plastic knitting needles because sometime they break! I agree that knitting needles sized over 10 is proof-positive the world is ending, because no one has faith enough to knit a project which might take longer than two minutes to complete...immediate gratification should have reasonable limits, and no NOBODY looks good in a top knitted in that chunky a yarn!
9. Sometimes I wonder about available patterns and the general ugliness that comes with them. Just because you can knit it, it doesn't mean you should. Or wear it. Same thing...
10. I dislike DPNs. And I am a complete magicloopy.
11. I dislike short rows. They trouble me.
12. I can't only have one project going....NOT happening!
13. I have not knit a clapotis, and i believe it will remain that way.
14. I love to start projects.
15. I can't contemplate knitting a blanket...to much commitment!
16. I think Jawbreaker is ugly.
17. I can count my Knitty loves on two hands BUT it is good for *some* inspiration.
18. Most Rowan patterns are designed by penguins on crack. Ugly. (original quote from the mother post...love it!)
19. I went into Waterstones and could not find a book worth buying for novel patterns. Seriously, where are the hip designers?
20. I am scared of knit-alongs because sometimes life gets in the way of projects getting finished. I also don't follow knitting trends on purpose...but accidents happen!
21. I knit in public... EVERY SINGLE DAY...
22. I have enough books and patterns available that my great great great great gran-kids may not need to ever buy any (hi honey!). Yet as I become more picky I will probably trade a lot of them. *watch this space*
23. I think about knitting AND make notes during work meetings. (or just most of the time really!)
24. I am addicted to blogs, and to LJ, but sometimes I sit in wonder...do people have really such strange taste or is there an agreement to praise anything, no matter how ugly?
25. I don't swatch
26. I don't block
27. I don't think I have EVER used the recommended yarn
28. I don't believe in designer yarn...or overpriced/overhyped indie dyers...or wannabe's who unleash their cool-aid loaded yarn onto Etsy. Lets face it: fluorescent green and pinks ar NOT a pretty 'grown up' combo...and certainly not for $20 a skein...

Confession is indeed good for the soul.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Gourmet Dutch mosquitoes

I think the mosquitoes in my house are having a contest aimed at locating the most annoying place for a bite, on a weekly basis.

So 2 weeks ago I was attacked in the palm of my (right) hand.

The following week it was on the same foot, both on top and on the tender flesh of the arch underneath.

This morning........well, suffice to say I can NOT open my right eye fully and closer inspection reveals I look like an extra on Rocky, or -possibly- seriously hangover...

It looks a little less bad now than first thing this morning...but SERIOUSLY though...what next? My tongue? (no....don't answer that)

In other news, my new bag design is coming out well....side one is done, moving on to side 2 and hoping for symmetry ;-)

Pattern to follow as soon as it's finished and lined !!!!

yeay for bank holiday!

Monday, 14 May 2007


Apparently that's the 'average' price of a house in the UK today...

Suffice to say that if I ever thought i would be one day in a position to buy my own place, it won't be in the UK.

Maybe I should knit one ...

*runs off to think about weatherproof yarn*