Thursday, 22 November 2007

Nobody told me it was RED SHOES day...

Well, maybe it is a coincidence but a good chunk of my colleagues are sporting Dorothy-worthy shoes in the office.

With my 'ready-to-trek-through-the-muddy-path-home' Salomon lace ups I feel a little out of place ;-)

Oh...and apparently, it is THURSDAY..not the actual FRIDAY I had managed to convince myself about (well, actually, not much convincing was necessary) :(

So to cheer myself up and distract from the shoe issue, let's look at some cute crochet...

You got that one? Right, let's look at some MORE...

Yep, those little cuties are all crochet, and they all come from the same talented lady: Brigitte Read, you are officially my favourite person of the day, because you have posted the patterns for those (and quite a few more) for FREE in the true spirit of sharing craft on the Net.

Dont believe me? Have a look for yourself HERE! Ah the finds that one can get on Ravelry...

So guess who has half of a meerkat's body in her school bag?

Friday, 16 November 2007

A bear for charity...

Today, after much time spent knitting his little yellow and white body and his little eye-patch, after sewing many sequins and buttons, Pudsey found a new home.

Today is Children in Need day and we had a cake sale. I knew all along Pudsey was the prize for the raffle but I was still sad to see him go and even paid for one entry to attempt at keeping him... But he raised over £40 all by himself, so I am very proud of him! And Julia who won him will I hope give him an exciting life, playing hockey and travelling the world.

And because I can not find my phone dongle there is not a pic yet to show his cute little face.

Now for the technical details:
Needles:3.5mm straight metal
Yarn: acrylic in Pudsey yellow (75g) and white (20g) with a scrap of black for the nose.
Pattern: Thomas from "the knitted teddy bear"
Stuffed with ...stuffing
Notions: 2 black buttons and 2 black eyes...

A fairly fast and easy knit... and now back to Foliage ;-)