Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Dear Britain, it has been fun...

But I have to leave you....

13 and a half years is plenty long enough, and frankly I don't think I can put up with yet another season of Big Brother, or with the statistics about underage drinking (25% of 11-16 y-o) and daily dose of teenage stabbings.

I know I will be abandoning many a friendly knitter, but I am sure the Swiss yarn obsessed will have me...eventually!

Having finally let go of the 'I do not have a driving licence' excuse as of last week, I was happily pottering about with yarn and colours when DBF dropped the news: "Can we move before the 14th?" he said...Hem...but...ahem...heu...the KIP day...and the packing....ARRRRGGGHHH panic!

But thanks with regards to the driving go to Gail and DBF for sitting in the car, and to my instructor Adam for not giving up on me...I probably would have!

So here I am, sitting on the sofa looking dreamingly at my home-dyed sock and lace yarn, have to master a way to pack EV-ERY-THING within just over a week and a half.

But hey it will be worth it. This is the view I will be enjoying from the end of next week:

There also another reason I want to go breath the fresh mountain air...the amount of pollution that clings to everything (including my lungs I suspect) as evidenced by the colour of the water when washing clothes... I have a photo. but I don't want to gross the world out!