Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Montego Bay style hat pattern

Or what should really be called a fishnet hat...but that just sounds weird!

After getting the Montego Bay scarf pattern from Wendy AND from Sas (yes, that very one of Knitty fame... thank you thank you) and deciding that I totally loved it especially when knitted with fat yarn on fat needles (21st on 7mm ... knitting at the speed of light) I started to suspect that it would work as a hat.

Gurjit had given me some yarn because her wrist hurts and after loosing count twice on "foliage" I decided I needed more mindless knitting...

Presenting: the Montego Bay (style) hat! Lacy spirals going from the ribbing to the crown...

Vital stats: knitted on 6mm needles with yarn that requires that size needles.
Size: medium

Cast on 61st
Slip 1st, knit to last, knit together last stitch and slipped stitch to join in the round (60st)
Work in 1x1 ribbing for 1 inch/2.5cm (*k1, p1* to end)

Row 1: slip 1 st, *k2tog, yo* to last st, knit together last stitch and slipped stitch, yo
Row 2: knit to end

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until it is time to begin the decreases

Decrease by working a row 1 and omitting 6 yo's evenly spaced. knit next row. Work a yo row knitting together 3 stitches so as to keep the right leaning slope 6 times. knit next row. repeat the process a few times until 30st remain.

next row: k2tog to end (15st)
next row: knit
next row: k2tog to last st, k1 (8st)
next row: knit

Cut yarn leaving a tail, and thread the tail trough the stitches. Pull tight and fasten.

Weave in ends.


- I am contemplating adding a flower for girliness...watch this space!-

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