Thursday, 29 March 2007

Ooh...Dutch TV...

Slight departure from knitting for once...

This morning I happened upon SamenWonen. Home make-over-yawn-program...until the demolition team moves in to destroy the furniture...half naked eye-candy on breakfast MUST be about time for UK tv to catch on... I know what I will be having for breakfast tomorrow (doh...late for work...again!)

The one with FOs....

Finally..we have images!

Finally some UFOs have become FOs...the rest I chose to call WIP.

(for the little rookie that would be (Un)Finished Objects and Work in Progress.
Without further ado, some hats (from the Domiknitrix book)

my first amigurumi (get the pattern from Oleander's etsy)

and at looong last the scarf for my Dad.

It is a 'mock cable' pattern, and it is a 4 row repeat (multiple of 4 +2 stitches) -I think my scarf, knit on bamboo 5.5 with 4 balls of Sirdar (?) Sublime cashmere/silk/merino, had 42 stitches-row 1: (P2, K2) to last 2, P2
row 2: (K2, P2) to last 2, K2
row 3: (P2, K2tog (but keep on needle) then K in first st -that causes the stitches to twist- ) to last 2, P2
row 4: as row 2

I AM proud (no least because I struggle to finish stuff)

Monday, 26 March 2007


So DESPITE feeling very tired and cranky (sorry honey bun) and DESPITE losing (or having had stolen) my debit card sometime Saturday, it was all made better by the fact that I found the LYS nearest to Phil's AND it had nice stuff, and I found a 2.5 mm crochet to finally STOP double stranding ugliness in my toys...

But all that meant that there was no romance and a heated atmosphere over what could/should have been a lovely relaxed weekend...that ended up with me having to sit in a foul smelling van full of pinball bits...ah, what you do for love ;-)

And I won my ebay auction for eyes...and I am in process for another one that has fewer noses. Yes, in my world it all makes sense...

And I also came back with suitable yarn for the magic ball swap! Hurrah! But I can't show...just in case...

Now to solve my Paypal problem...(no card, no payment)

Friday, 23 March 2007

I am addicted (so nothing new there!)

Amigurumi is the new, seriously...i don't think it is normal that i grab my hook first thing in the morning *right* after putting the coffee on...

So I am now half way through an aubergine cat (who tells me his name is Leonard (with a very French accent))....FO pictures to come soon...I hope.

So now I want to make a Pucca for H (it may even have a biology labcoat on) and a crochet Dolly Parton (no i am not crazy, yes there will be pics...soon...) and a hula girl, and some cave people, and a ninja...i am getting mental rsi just thinking about it...


I still don't know what to chose for magicball yarn...or not sue what to put in either...arrrghhhhh!!!

and i have a bag full of acrylic begging to be turn into crochet to find some small size hooks...

Friday, 16 March 2007

So this is what is on my desk right now...

but somehow that does not distract from my lack of ability to get Excel to solve my equation...somehow the cube of the cubic root is not the original is that?

In the lab, pink goo drips out of a funnel....that too is failing to perform...

The weekend in Nestle-land was good, but there is definitely a shoe/leg issue...shoe fits, leg swells through exercise, blood gets cut off and pain gets triggered, snowboard come off and I have to jump around on the snow to get the blood back.

So 1 day board shopping, 1 day boarding, 1 day without the boy cycling and sun-loving, 1 day walking in the forrest getting a for me and somehow the air in the office does not match the clean mountain offering... maybe i need some cows and groundhogs...and maybe a goat with big horns...

I won the evil battle against the power they call 'NTHell' through sheer stubborn-ness...20 minutes waiting for a human would discourage anyone!

Knitting is really taking shape, and there might be FO's a plenty in the near future (although the hats were not worn, for helmets were purchased and sun shone (?) ...)

My handbag broke this morning, warranting a trip to Action to buy a replacement...I now sport a green army style handbag and his big brother to go shopping...they was white furry yarn...that will be the teddy I said I would make for Mum, and some blue denim-colour acrylic that will become a bag for Alice.

In the past couple of weeks, 1 death, 1 wedding, 1 baby....none of which mine: the circle of life is complete!

But more importantly...Easter is getting nearer...chocolate eggs all round!

Friday, 2 March 2007

The sticky one...but it smells delicious!

So yesterday the snow devil's completion faced yet another set back.

Hat body? check!
Left AND right horns? check!
Weaved in tails? check!

So I hear you ask....why the delay? why oh why is the hat sitting AGAIN on a balloon on the windowsill?

All that because of the flu...yes, really.

The flu that made me decide in the morning yesterday to pop into my local supermarket to try and find flu medicine (which they don't i miss the drug-loaded shelves of UK superstores) and lemon juice to sooth my throat. Ah, i know what else will help my throat...honey...mmh, by now you probably see where this is going if you are at all aware of the fact that my knitting lives in my big bag AND that Dutch supermarkt do not provide you with free plastic bags for your shopping.

So I get to the till, arms full of goodies by then (mmh, big bag of croissants that can live in the freezer for those saturday mornings where you want a warm sweet smell in the house...and crumbs on the sofa) and in my hurry to get into work decide that shoving all the shopping in my great big bag will just have to do.

Later that day, chocolate craving sets in, I reach into my bag for the hazelnut bar i know it contains and my hand meets an unexpected....stickiness. The chocolate bar sticks to the bag... but wait, it also sticks to my hand, and little pieces of lilac wool cling to my fingers as I pull my hand out. OMG noooooooo, it smells oh-too-familiar, like the cough sweets from Metabief when I used to go to the cream shop with my hope to be wrong I grab the bag and start digging for the honey jar and find it, oozing its sweet scented sirupiness as it rests upside down against the bag of croissants. For the rest of the day my mind wonders how much is on my wool, on my partially knitted jumper, on my lilac hat that just this morning I was tidying up, ready for the horns to be placed.

I get home. Longest train ride in a long while as I dare not take any knitting out. The bag sits on the kitchen worktop as I take out and rinse the shopping. Sticky croissants and bread rolls, sticky sicilian lemon bottle, and somewhat sticky patch on my jumper knit and on the wool that goes with it. The lilac hat seems unharmed.

Jumper gets rinsed, wool follows, and i settle to finish the sewing of the mohawk...which i do and then decide that since I got sucked into watching double-jeopardy and REALLY want to know how it ends I will attempt the kitchener stitching of 'the horns', after stuffing them with polyfiber.
But when I picked up the hat I realised that there was in fact the equivalent of 2 tbsp of honey on the rinsed it got, and put to dry on the head sized inflated balloon to make sureit does not shrink...I will tackle the horns who knows, maybe some photos this weekend!