Tuesday, 20 February 2007

The red one...

Otherwise known as the weekend where we did nothing but knit and talk yarn...

The annual handicraft fayre took place in Zwolle this weekend, and I now can share your Addi-induced excitement. My local SnB went as small groups but quickly flocked...Alpaca yarn was stroked at length, supplies were purchased (well who can resist 100% merino wool at a euro per ball), small children were looked after, in turn, to allow Mum browsing time and the knitting zombies finally returned home in the dark, exhausted but contented, arms stretched by the wound treasures in many bags.

The other event (and the one that gives the blog title today) was the launch of the Delftpas (some culture enticing discount card for Delft residents)...not much to do with knitting I hear you say...but wait...the organisers asked Knittingajour from Rotterdam SnB to come over and 'perform' on stage, and to provide 100 knitted card holders for the first recipients of the card. Eager to promote the knitting revival 3 of us obliged (K, S and myself) and the result can be seen on the photo (courtesy of Sas, knitter number 3, original to be found on http://sasknitsitagain.blogspot.com/): a red stage, lit in red for red dressed knitters on red sofas and lots of little knitted red bags.

The grumpiness of the invitees did not kill our knitting spirits and we finally left mid afternoon with pockets full of yarn money waiting to be spent. Beads were purchased (but NOT from the mini shop that has such hideous crochet bags in the window...oh I wish we had photographic evidence of the insanity). I came home that night only to see on TMF the c-list singer who made official the launch by receiving a gigantic card and refused to sing on stage...well in fairness, he looked like he was taken by surprise...yet i still have no idea what his name is!
So I can now sit, Cheshire cat grin on my face, for I have the desired yarn to start Rogue (from Girlfromauntie.com), and another jumper, and Tempting (at Knitty), and some cute slippers in fat wool, and, and, and...
I have just e-mailed Cast-On Brenda to try and get us on mentioned on the podcast...don't try don't get!
Snowdevil is taking shape slowly but I will have to stretch it so that it fits my gigantic head...I purchased balloons this morning to do the job as soon as i have finished the main body...pictures to come soon!

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