Friday, 5 October 2007

Highlighter fumes

So finally the mystery KALs have started... and it appears I can not read charts!

At least not fluently!

Turns out, just like a small child learning to spell I have top methodically work tiny groups of 10 violently coloured stitches and review each full row before venturing into the next one.

I *could* put a picture of my progress, but somehow 10 rows of 139 stitches on 3mm needles do not sound THAT impressive.

On the day of clue release I was shocked to see that hours after the release someone is already half way up that very clue...

Note to self: must learn to knit IN MY SLEEP!!

The weekend awaits with boxes to open, books and DVDs to list, cleaning and tidying...when oh WHEN am I supposed to fit the knitting in??????

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