Friday, 16 November 2007

A bear for charity...

Today, after much time spent knitting his little yellow and white body and his little eye-patch, after sewing many sequins and buttons, Pudsey found a new home.

Today is Children in Need day and we had a cake sale. I knew all along Pudsey was the prize for the raffle but I was still sad to see him go and even paid for one entry to attempt at keeping him... But he raised over £40 all by himself, so I am very proud of him! And Julia who won him will I hope give him an exciting life, playing hockey and travelling the world.

And because I can not find my phone dongle there is not a pic yet to show his cute little face.

Now for the technical details:
Needles:3.5mm straight metal
Yarn: acrylic in Pudsey yellow (75g) and white (20g) with a scrap of black for the nose.
Pattern: Thomas from "the knitted teddy bear"
Stuffed with ...stuffing
Notions: 2 black buttons and 2 black eyes...

A fairly fast and easy knit... and now back to Foliage ;-)

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