Tuesday, 11 March 2008

It's all going red and chocolatey...

Ok, so I have been a bad blogger and not posted for...monthS...

Well, I have no excuse, other than I am desperately trying to get all the stuff sorted because I am all by myself at the moment.

No no, fear not , nothing bad has happened to the BF, unless you count having been abducted by small purple cows and having to travel on trains that are ALWAYS on time.

Yes, it finally happened, BF has moved to the Swiss country and I now get Skype updates of -15C weather and snow-boarding forecast.

Strangely enough it has gone all Swiss here to, as the latest knitted addition to the house menagerie gears up for the move...

And the local shops have decided to provide me without interesting tastes all courtesy of Frey, the big chocolate company and my local home-bargains (how could I resist Swiss chocolate at 29p per 100g ??)

Interesting flavours currently residing in my cupboard ?
White chocolate and blueberry
White chocolate and rhubarb
Milk chocolate with carrot pieces
Dark chocolat with lemon and pepper
Milk chocolate with cinnamon and coriander (absolutely divine)

The other find of the week was next door...TJHughes had a big Pout display (RIP) with prices that did not exceed £5!! And we are talking Benefit prices normally!!


So my lips will be plumped for £3 and taste of cinnamon and mint...

Even sent one to my Mum...along with some coriander chocolate...

The monkey is monkee-maker's modification of the PG-tips monkey...and there's a new purple one taking shape on the sofa... more pictures soon!

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