Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Quilted lattice stitch, a short tutorial...

So the Leyburn socks have proven popular all over Ravelry, but the same stitch is used in the Faberge cowl.

I decided to have a go myself at figuring it all out (having looked up the stitch on the web) and because it did baffle me for a short while I thought I'd illustrate the instructions briefly. My Mock Faberge neck-warmer is too dark, so i did cast-on especially for the photographic purpose.

Quilted lattice stitch
Multiple of 6 + 3
Row 1 and all odd rows (WS): p
Row 2: k2, *sl5 with yarn in front (wyif), k1; rep from *, end k1
Row 4: k4, *insert right needle under strand from Row 2 and k next st bringing st under strand and out toward you, k5; rep from * ending last rep k4
Row 6: k1, sl3 wyif; rep from *, end k1, sl3 wyif, k1
Row 8: k1, *insert right needle under strand from Row 6 and k next st bringing st under strand and out toward you, k5; rep from * ending last rep k1

My bad attempts at including captions read (from top left):
  1. Work border and knit one st. Bring yarn to front.
  2. Slip next 5 stitches with yarn in front. This creates a 'float'.
  3. Bring yarn to back and knit next 2 stitches. Ensure float is not too tight.
  4. Repeat to end, ending with border.
  5. Work border, purl to last st before border, work border.
  6. Work border, then knit 3 st. Insert right needle under the float and then knit-wise into next stitch.
  7. Knit stitch and next 5. Don't forget to slip the float over the (1st) knit stitch! Repeat to end. Work border.
  8. Purl to end, working border at beginning and end of row.
  9. If beads are used, insert on the stitch that sits under the one that 'catches' the float (3rd slipped st) [bead placement shown in orange below]

For the alternate lattice row, the principle is the same, but you knit 1 and slip 3 at beginning of row (instead of k2, sl5) then slip 5 each until pretty much the end BUT the last one will be sl3.
On the next right side row you then lift under float and knit the first slipped stitch rather than the 3rd for the first lot but resume lifting 3rd. Try it, it will make sense!

Now I hope that makes sense.

Let's get back to doing some knitting...


Kat said...

Very nice!
I especially love the one with the beads.

Anonymous said...

So are we suppose to knit the float and the knit stich together when you say do it *knit-wise*? im making the sweater version of this and im so confused! wish there was a video!

Sandy1 said...

There are 2/3 videos on YouTube! Just type in quilted lattice knit stitch and they will come up with the written pattern as well! I've just written it down after watching the tutorial- hope that helps..