Sunday, 22 April 2007

Finished! (and grow your own cat)

The magic ball bag is finished... and the ball revealed it's final content: some gorgeous ribbon trimmed with dangly beads!

Oh...the love!
I although thought I'd include a couple of pics from the weekend before: flowers and cycling in sunny Holland!

And last but not least: available at a flower market near you: cat in a pot (just add water). Pretty cheap too!


Saskia said...

hahaha, grow your own cat, hahaha!! (it's catnip, b.t.w....I'm sure you've figured that out)
The bag has turned out like a jewel! Great work. Bring it to the S'n B so I can drewl all over it!!

Adeline said...

actually thanks to crazy aunt purl i know it is not the same as catnip (which looks a little like mint in fact) so as it says on the label 'herbe de chat' (grass of cat) it MUST be how you grow kitties...

Seriously though...i now have to find out what it is actually called...cause i don't know in French either.