Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Today at work

In Dutch 'Let's go eat'

me 'Ja'

'oh, so you speak Dutch?'

'No, not really'

'But you speak such good French'

I say nothing...my colleague (French) starts laughing... 'yeay, that would be because she is French'

Awkward silence followed by the compulsory 'no, really, but, no, seriously, blah blah' hihi, the usual..

'but does she speak good French then?'

'well actually, she has a bit of an English accent...well more like intonations'

I am MOR-TI-FIED....I mean come on i know i make words up in French ALL THE TIME...but the accent? New one on me...

The is no pleasing some people...

I am still on a high from finishing my pattern (see 10th April for details) and I am daydreaming about the use of the beaded ribbon...I see lace, I see beads, I see a bag, I see seriously summery colours....and a headache trying to design the lace pattern...but I will get there! I have even got the handle done already and a bit of the side...and i will have to beg for use of an i-cord maker...

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