Monday, 28 May 2007

Gourmet Dutch mosquitoes

I think the mosquitoes in my house are having a contest aimed at locating the most annoying place for a bite, on a weekly basis.

So 2 weeks ago I was attacked in the palm of my (right) hand.

The following week it was on the same foot, both on top and on the tender flesh of the arch underneath.

This morning........well, suffice to say I can NOT open my right eye fully and closer inspection reveals I look like an extra on Rocky, or -possibly- seriously hangover...

It looks a little less bad now than first thing this morning...but SERIOUSLY though...what next? My tongue? (no....don't answer that)

In other news, my new bag design is coming out well....side one is done, moving on to side 2 and hoping for symmetry ;-)

Pattern to follow as soon as it's finished and lined !!!!

yeay for bank holiday!

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