Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Rise of the (knitting) heretics...

There is a great thread going on over at the Knitter's Review forums about knitting heresy. I couldn't resist posting my confessional thoughts here. . . (join in...you know you want to!)

1. I don't like sock clubs. Actually...I don't really like knitting socks (only finished one pair so far).
2. I do like cheap and cheerful yarn, and I am not a yarn snob. I believe the project, the stitch is more important...in fact I get really irritated by yarn snobs who turn luxurious yarn into boring garter stitch scarves...be more adventurous people!
3. I have been known to take the dust cover off of my books.
4. I join yarn where ever it ends in my knitting, not 'at the end of the row'...and I KNOT. It's my knitting and I'll knot if I want to!
5. I don't really enjoy the Yarn Harlot's blog, but I LOVE Crazy Aunt Purl....
6. I own fun fur but would not impose a scarf made of it on any one....makes great toy hair though!
7. I hate plastic knitting needles because sometime they break! I agree that knitting needles sized over 10 is proof-positive the world is ending, because no one has faith enough to knit a project which might take longer than two minutes to complete...immediate gratification should have reasonable limits, and no NOBODY looks good in a top knitted in that chunky a yarn!
9. Sometimes I wonder about available patterns and the general ugliness that comes with them. Just because you can knit it, it doesn't mean you should. Or wear it. Same thing...
10. I dislike DPNs. And I am a complete magicloopy.
11. I dislike short rows. They trouble me.
12. I can't only have one project going....NOT happening!
13. I have not knit a clapotis, and i believe it will remain that way.
14. I love to start projects.
15. I can't contemplate knitting a blanket...to much commitment!
16. I think Jawbreaker is ugly.
17. I can count my Knitty loves on two hands BUT it is good for *some* inspiration.
18. Most Rowan patterns are designed by penguins on crack. Ugly. (original quote from the mother post...love it!)
19. I went into Waterstones and could not find a book worth buying for novel patterns. Seriously, where are the hip designers?
20. I am scared of knit-alongs because sometimes life gets in the way of projects getting finished. I also don't follow knitting trends on purpose...but accidents happen!
21. I knit in public... EVERY SINGLE DAY...
22. I have enough books and patterns available that my great great great great gran-kids may not need to ever buy any (hi honey!). Yet as I become more picky I will probably trade a lot of them. *watch this space*
23. I think about knitting AND make notes during work meetings. (or just most of the time really!)
24. I am addicted to blogs, and to LJ, but sometimes I sit in wonder...do people have really such strange taste or is there an agreement to praise anything, no matter how ugly?
25. I don't swatch
26. I don't block
27. I don't think I have EVER used the recommended yarn
28. I don't believe in designer yarn...or overpriced/overhyped indie dyers...or wannabe's who unleash their cool-aid loaded yarn onto Etsy. Lets face it: fluorescent green and pinks ar NOT a pretty 'grown up' combo...and certainly not for $20 a skein...

Confession is indeed good for the soul.


Haakpoes said...

As I read this post, I can hear you say it! Hahaha!

Mariella said...

I love the way you say those things... You totally convinced me ;-). Love your magic-ball-bag!

Adeline said...

thank you thank you!!

I have another pattern coming up soon, for the Indian inspired bag I am currently making...