Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The one where we learn more about the Cosmic Postman

Yesterday afternoon I was on the train back from Cambridge.

Cold and sniffly I had been looking forward to getting my needles out for the hour-long journey home when I noticed a little blue plastic thing in the gap between seat and wall opposite me. I reached to pick it up, certain already of what it was: a train pass, in its usual dark blue 3-part wallet.

I opened it to see who had lost it, and found it belonged to a lady and contained a pass for the day...and some money. I could see the notes folded and I know there was at least £15.
I will be honest and say that it did occur to me to take the cash and then hand over the wallet, but I thought to myself "what would I wish for someone to do if it was my train card and my money?" and decided to hand it over in the station when I got off.

As I changed platform to get onto the train home in Stevenage I saw a platform attendant and walked over to him. As I handed over the wallet I explained that I had found it on the Cambridge train and that since it contained money the lady would be probably glad to get it back (the train passes are registered so they could chase her address/contact details).

"You don't find many like you those days" said the man as he opened the wallet and saw the notes. "What comes around goes around" I said, adding that I would wish for someone to be that honest if they found my card. We joked about winning the lottery and I hoped on the train.

Eventually I got home and the usual pile of junk mail was awaiting behind the door. Amongst them though an envelop for me, and as I opened it it turned out to be my long awaited cheque from one of the online survey companies. £43.50... so that would be Karmic pay back?

A few minutes later, alone in the flat a thought brought a smile to my face...

They say that whatever you do it will come back to you 3 times... What they don't tell you is that the Karmic Postman charges 10% ;-)

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Saskia said...

wow, that's a fantastic story. Good on ya girl! :-)