Friday, 8 June 2007

Knickerless month (PG rated...really...see below!)

Today is the name day for my friend Kelly, and in order to explain to the non South-of-Europe people at work, I invoked the mighty Google.

This is what I found:

Now you too can have a celebration on your name day!

Dearest BF, I shall try and remember to give you a big hug on 3rd May...and my name day is still to come: October 20th.

From that site I also found that in the French Revolutionnary calendar one of the months is Sansculotteides (ie the month of the ones without knickers...or TROUSERS (ah, that makes more sense, but still...LOL)) later this year.

So there you have it...


Knit in Public day is tomorrow, and guess what: the forecast is actually NOT rainy!!!!!!

Now to buy some food for the bbq....

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