Monday, 18 June 2007

The one where they went to the park...

to knit together in the open and I forgot my camera! Photos hopefully to be found on the blogs of people who are FAR more organised than me!!

The day was grey, but the spirits were high as blankets were spread out to welcome stashes and books, baby knitters and food. The token boys survived an afternoon of stitch talk by sleeping some of it out, and delicious BBQ food (Thanks again all for your excellent efforts...) finally distracted us from all that yarny goodness.

My extra Rowan magazines found homes (good ones i hope, although I am not actually sure where they went, except for one) but my resolution to come back with less than I arrived with crumbled when my hand met the softness of chocolate brown Phildar yarn. 10% alpaca got the better of me and I eagerly bought all the skeins from KnittingAjour (about 16 I think). That's enough for a deliciously snugly long sleeved to find a pattern that will do it justice!

Lots of WIP and even some FO's as my body decided to give up when faced with strange bugs and I got to spend 2 separate days curled up on my big armchair, taking in a ridiculous number of episodes of Medium (thank you, for keeping me entertained for free) with nothing to do other than crochet 1 pacman, 1 miss pacman, and 4 ghosts (actually 5 but one was vertically challenged). Eyes and bow need to be attached to the ones that require some (ie Pacman is already finished) but BF will soon be the proud owner of crocheted 80's memorabilia!

After so much crochet, I was itching to knit some, so my Mum will be getting a very airy wrap from Fitted Knits (knitted on 8mm needles), hopefully ready for my weekend in Paris.

Interview day has come and gone, and was not successful (not experienced enough for development) so I will have to make do with going back to my old job...for now!

And this morning, I realised that my week is missing a whole day: I thought I was leaving for my course on Wednesday, but the course IS on I am leaving (again) for the UK (again) tomorrow night, which means that I will AGAIN not be Stitch n' Bitching with the girls. And I won't get to know all about the bargains I missed at the thrift store last week.

I more cheery news, the translation job is starting to pay and I will (soon) be able to buy a laptop from the profits, therefore making it easier for me to do it on the move, so I can do it more efficiently and more it makes more $$! That was definitely a good move!

Just off the needles, a double grey Tychus and at half-point (finally) an aniseed-green cashmere-blend Odessa with green glass beads (my little ears will be soooo snug next fall/winter). Next on the needles: probably the 'proper' Shedir I have promised myself for so long, in a light grey or a petroleum blue merino to match the Fetching in multicoloured Lana Grossa that will be coming soon. One has to make the most of 2 x 3hrs of train journey to and from Paris!

So next post will be FO galore...and who knows, it may even come soon!


knittingajour said...

too bad about the jobinterview, but the good news about the $$ for a laptop!! HURAY!!
Hope to see you next week, we bought A LOT in Zoetermeer... To be hounest: I bought a lot.. 4 bags.. with a lot of old Dutch mags among some yarn, memorycards to make giftpackages for my stitchmarkers etc. And some fabrics!
See you soon, travel safe!
And about my holiday: it will be in Tazilly, Morvan Bourgogne.

Phillip Eaton said...

"1 pacman, 1 miss pacman, and 4 ghosts" It's 'Ms. Pac-Man'. Really, you're such an amatuer! (But I love you anyway.) xxx

Saskia said...

so sorry to hear about the interview... :-(
but I can't believe you've made enough with the translating jobs to buy a laptop, that's GREAT!
Can't believe the amount of knitting that you get done inbetween all things coming and going. Hope you've had a good trip, hope to see you soon. Sprout just kicked me to say hi! ;-)

Adeline said...

Yep, will see you all tomorrow night, and expecting a full account of the shopping trip.

Next stop, Paris, and I won't even have anytime to yarn shop...

The Fetching got frogged as they did not come out as good as I wished. But Phil has 1 fingerless Dashing, and the other one was cast on in the train this morning...

The joys of flying: potentially uninterrupted knitting for flight duration, provided you use bamboo and don't threaten to poke fellow passengers!