Monday, 25 June 2007

Too much travelling is bad for the brain

I was ticking boxes in an online survey today and it hit me. I was asked 'how many times have you travelled for leisure or work in the past 12 months?'...and i realised i did not know the answer to that.

I will miss the Netherlands, but I won't miss the constant going back and forth between countries.

This morning was my last 'getting-up-at-4AM-to-catch-6AM-EZ-to-Schiphol' in a long while...and I bet Phil is relieved to hear that, having dropped me one last time, sleepy-eyed, at Luton at 5AM.

A lot of knitting, a lot of frogging: I can't read a pattern (Dashing, but solved now) and Fetching just did not dazzle me...i am not buying into the picot another style of fingerless gloves it will become. I am looking forward to 2x3hrs of train knitting as I make my way to Paris on Thursday night and come back Monday night... Hoping to get back with completed hand wear. Next on the list: a tea cosy! (yes, really!) Now to hunt for a pattern...

Last weekend in the UK was as rainy as Rotterdam, and the activity filled planned weekend quickly transformed into tv-watching/knitting/baking. Fresh pizza was made by Phil (very yum) and I attempted the cinnamon swirl recipe by (great British baker) Paul Hollywood. Let's put it that way: there are no photos because the camera just could not be found quickly much goo-ey sticky yumminess should be illegal.

Don't believe me? Have a go yourself:
Modifications: I used of cinnamon sugar instead of plain cinnamon, and replaced the raisins with dried apricots.
It's a gold-mine for recipes BTW...(James Martin chocolate chip cookies are ALSO worth checking out)

Movies watched:
Spiderman 3 (yawn)
Shrek 3 (yeay baby dragon/donkey)
1/2 Pirates 3 (so far...better than 2)
all supplied by unscrupulous tinternet people (on utorrent) ;-)

That's a lot of movie watching and a lot of knitting (Spiderman was not worth stopping the row counting for!!)...but then again, it was raining!
And I also finished another 5 pages of translation in the meantime...and awaiting the next lot!

I am sooo looking forward to Knitting Tuesday this week! Miss you lots and lots girls!

FO's as soon as I get home to take some pics (tonight) AND Phil emails me the pic of his hat ;-)


Saskia said...

Hey girl! Sounds like you've had a real homey and cosey weekend! See you tonight! (there's a tea cozy pattern in S'nB nation, do you have that one or do you want me to bring it tonight?)

Adeline said...

I have it at home (tea, coffee, or me? ...yet i prefer the 8 ball one), but thanks for the offer!

I have just been browsing for fingerless gloves to replace fetching and found a nice (german ?) one with running cable from wrist to top.

There are also tea cosys on knitty...and a strwberry shape one on Magknits.

At least there is ONE clear advantage to atrociously cold weather: I am totally in the mood for knitting with WOOL!!!